Robin Davenport


Pyrography is the art of burning images into wood with fire. During the Victorian Era Flemish Pyrography also known as Pyrography Folk Art was a popular hobby. Pyrography was utilized by using benzene fuled tools where the design was burned into the wood. Another method was the use of pokers from the fire, hence the name Poker Art was formed. At times these burned designs were then painted. The art of pyrography has a long history dating back to Peru 700 A.D according to the E-Museum of Pyrography.

Robin grew up on a small goat farm in the early 70's near Salladasburg in Lycoming County. Her deep love for animals, plants and a Fox Fire lifestyle set the mood that is portrayed in her work. As a child she would sit around fires and listen to mountain men tell trapping stories, while eating homemade breads and listening to bluegrass. Later on in life she went on to college at Pennsylvania College of Technology for Graphic Design. She then became a freelance illustrator for Dog Fancy Magazine and several SPCA's in Lycoming County.

Detail is ever so important in properly portraying the images that Robin wants to share. Her use of references are from taxidermy catalogs, and natural images. Her inspirations, creativity, talents and influences come from The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost.

Wild Wings Art Studio is just a few short miles north of Hyner lookout in a beautiful and tranquil town known as North Bend in Clinton County. Here at the Studio we create one-of-a-kind handmade/carved and Pyrographed works of art for your church, home or business.

Commission Pyrography:
Western Clinton County Sportsmans Association Hyner, PA
Wild Life Rescue, Renovo PA
Sheshequin Buckskinners Marsh Hill, PA